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Red Rock Lake pictures

Updates/Coming soon 

Dear Friends of Red Rock Lake: 

We are very excited to announce the 2nd Annual Red Rock Lake Winter Extravaganza! Come and join us on Saturday, February 17, from noon to 2:00pm for some fun out on the ice. What a great way to get outside this winter and meet your neighbors around the lake! 

We will have a number of fun activities, including:

Ice fishing

Ice skating

Tubing (we are attempting to achieve a world record for the number of tubes Mark can pull with his snowmobile) 

Hot dogs, chips and drinks 


And much, much, more… maybe even a rocket launch or two… 

Here are the details:

When:  Saturday, February 17 (subject to change if the weather is too cold or windy)

Time:   12:00pm to 2:00pm

Who:   Everyone (activities will primarily be for the kids)

Place:   Matt Adam’s Blue Ice House (the West side of the Lake, in the middle)

Matt and Kelley’s home address is 15607 Summit Drive. Please RSVP by sending an email to to let us know if you are coming.

We will be monitoring ice thickness leading up to the event to make sure that we believe the environment is safe for everyone, but we should note that any activities on a frozen lake such as Red Rock involve an inherent risk and you participate only if you feel comfortable doing so. 

If you have any questions about the event, please feel free to reach out to me. 

Best regards,

Joseph  (FORRL Vice President)

Happy New Year!  

Red Rock Lake timeline document posted in the documents tab - thanks to Bill Saterness

Coyote Alert! Multiple sightings of packs of coyotes have been seen on Red Rock the last couple of days. Keep an eye out for them and watch your children and small pets when they are outside.

Next FORRL Board meeting

January 17th - 7PM Location tbd

Ice is really thin - be careful out there!

General guidelines from the DNR

For new, clear ice only

Under 4" - STAY OFF
4" - Ice fishing or other activities on foot
5" - 7" - Snowmobile or ATV
8" - 12" - Car or small pickup
12" - 15" - Medium truck

FORRL Annual Meeting - Monday, October 23rd at 7 pm.  EP Library

Presenters from Natural Shore Technology will give a presentation regarding the benefits of lakeshore restoration

Lake Harvester is here 8.15.17

Lakes Aquatic Weed Removal will be on Red Rock Lake this week doing some weed harvesting that the City of Eden Prairie has contracted them to do.  If you would like to have them harvest your shoreline area please send a note as soon as possible to:

Jacob Holman - and include the following information:



-phone #

-And details regarding the area you would like harvested.  Example - I would like to have the area around my dock harvested.  Harvest 25’ on each side of my dock, getting as close to shore as possible and out from the shoreline 50’.

Each shoreline owner can have up to 2500 sf of area harvested.  The harvesting company estimates the cost to have 2500 sf of weeds harvested to be $300 to $500 depending on a few factors:

Density of weeds

Distance from the boat launch

Amount of area to be harvested

The harvester cuts the weeds to a depth of about 5 feet and can work in water greater than 2 feet.  He should be on the lake starting Tuesday, August 15th and will likely be doing owners shoreline work on Thursday and Friday.

In an effort to support and encourage home owners to have their shorelines harvested, FORRL (Friends of Red Rock Lake) will give each owner that pays to have their shoreline harvested a $75 rebate.  Once you have paid for the harvesting send a note to Matt Adam ( and a check will be mailed out.

If you have questions, please call Jacob at 218 780 5270.

Lakeshore Do’s and Don’ts

Application information for watershed and city grant/rebate dollars for shoreline restoration

2nd Annual Red Rock Lake Kids Fishing Challenge! Sunday July 16, 2017

Here are the basics:

When:  Sunday, July 16

Time:   9:00-10:30am

Who:   Kids 18 and Under (and their parents)

Place:   Matt and Kelley's dock (find the balloons on the West side of the Lake, in the middle)

Matt and Kelley's dock will serve as home base, and we will be fishing right off of the dock. Their home address is 15607 Summit Drive. We also expect to have a handful of pontoon boats to take people out on the open water, and feel free to show up in your own canoe, kayak, hovercraft, etc.

This is a BYOG event—meaning, bring your own gear, although we expect that some of the participants will have extra tackle available.  We will be handing out special yard-sticks to use for taking pictures of your fish. This is a catch-and-release competition, so you will need to have a phone handy to snap a picture of your trophies!

We will have a number of fabulous prizes for kids 18 and under who catch the largest fish by species:  

  1. Bass
  2. Bullhead
  3. Crappie
  4. Northern
  5. Perch
  6. Sunfish

If you don’t know what these guys look like, visit for pictures. Some of the more experienced anglers on this lake assure us that each one of these types of fish can be found in Red Rock Lake!

We will have a virtual “weigh-in" at the end of the event to award prizes by comparing everyone’s photos.

Please RSVP by sending an email to by July 14 to let us know that you are coming.

Annual Red Rock Lake Cleanup

Saturday April 22nd 9am to 11am

Meet at the boat launch for a snack or coffee and come help cleanup the lake. Come by foot, canoe, paddle boat or whatever and see what you can find littering the lake.  You may find a drone or a portable ice house?  If you can’t join us please spend a few minutes and cleanup your own lakeshore.  

Make sure to check out the RPBCWD site for great information

The Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District is full of helpful information.  Check it out at

FORRL Winter Extravaganza!

Thanks to everyone that joined us out on Red Rock yesterday afternoon! Treats, hot dogs and beverages for all. Pretty sure the tube rides were the hit of the afternoon? Rocket launch was awesome too!

Water Level and bogs

The city of Eden Prairie utility department is working hard to keep the outlet that helps maintain the water level clear in Red Rock.  The system connects Round Lake to Mitchell Lake to Red Rock to McCoy and then into Starring Lake.  The outlet which is by the boat landing has been getting clogged with organic materials (weeds and gunk).  Isaac who is in charge of the system opened up the access to the drain for me and showed me how well the water is flowing.  Speculation is that the ground is so saturated with water that the system can’t keep up.  Red Rock has many storm sewer inlets as well that add to the problem.  The city will continue to monitor the outlet and check for problems.  See a map of the system here.

Also due the high water many pieces of the “bog” from the north side of the lake have broken free and created a Super Bog down by the launch. The city has been contacted and hopefully the bog will be removed soon.

Watershed awareness document posted.  Document contains some good contact information.

Red Rock lake being de-listed from the MPCA Impaired waters list

The MPCA has identified Red Rock lake as one of two lakes in Minnesota to de-list from the impaired waters list.  One of our passionate board members Bill Satterness has written a document that provides the MPCA with 3 reasons Red Rock should not be de-listed.  Read more about this here.

Snails and Swimmers Itch?

Lots of snail shells have been floating around in the lake and ending up on the shore line.  According to Michelle at the watershed these are “Chinese Mystery Snails”.  The “Mystery” part of their name comes from the fact that they have a large reproductive pulse in the spring, and suddenly large numbers will be seen. There isn’t any current management for them. 

According to what I know about their life-cycle, that often die off in large numbers in the spring or summer. With luck, this should be a one-time event this summer (fingers crossed for you). 

These snails can be the end host for a parasite that causes “swimmers itch”.  If you spend any time in the water on Red Rock or other local lakes, it’s always a good idea to shower off ASAP when you get out of the water.  We have been in the water many times recently and have never been affected.

More information about swimmers itch can be found here - link.

People have asked if these snails are Zebra Mussels - they are not and so far Zebra mussels have not been found in Red Rock.  Here’s a link to the DNR site that provides more information on them.

No harvesting this year - 2016

Waterfront Restoration will NOT be harvesting shorelines this Summer.  If you have prepaid for this service and have not received a refund please contact them.  Link to website.

Lakeshore regulations - Best practices

Please make sure to follow the rules and regulations regarding shoreline management as provided by the city of Eden Prairie and the watershed district.  One of the most ignored regulations is to not honor the 50’ shoreline impact zone.  Some will also refer to this area as the scenic easement zone.  Trees, shrubs and other native plants are critical components of a healthy shoreline and should not be removed unless deemed diseased or dangerous by the local authorities.  Here’s a link to the city of Eden Prairie’s water management plan.

Red Rock Cleanup Day - Saturday, April 16th - 9:00 am.  

Meet at the boat launch/park for treats and coffee and help cleanup the lake.  You can come by boat, canoe, kayak, car, or walk over.  It always surprises me how much garbage we find every year.  If you can’t make it, please spend a few minutes cleaning up your shoreline.  Remove any garbage from the shallow water and shoreline and try to keep organic matter from getting into the lake - please don’t blow or rake leaves into the lake.  If you find something in the water you need help removing, please send me a note and we’ll do our best to come and get it.

Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed district survey

Dear Friends of Red Rock Lake,

We need your help. Our fragile, shallow lake is under assault from the normal ravages of nature, pollution, and politics. We have made great progress over the past few years since the formation of our volunteer group FORRL: Friends of Red Rock Lake. But we need to continue our work to preserve the lake.

Currently the Riley-Purgatory-Bluff-Creek Watershed District (RPBCWD) is conducting a survey to help shape its new 10 year plan.  If there are limited responses about Red Rock Lake or if the responses somehow indicate things are fine with the lake it will most likely rank low in priority in the new long-range water management plan.   We strongly encourage everyone to complete this survey by April 24, 2016.  The survey can be found here:  

Ice out on the lake was reported as March 16th, 2016.  

As the weather warms up and everyone is anxious to get outside, take a few minutes and walk down to the lake.  Enjoy the trumpeter swans and the muskrats, then spend a few minutes cleaning up your shoreline.  Remove any garbage from the shallows, rake leaves and other organic matter away from the shoreline and try to keep a native barrier between any grassy areas and the lake to help with run off.

A few new links have been posted.

The FORRL Board has a new member and some leadership.  Thanks to Bill Saterness for his incredible job leading FORRL for the last few years!  Anyone interested in helping out and joining the board, please reach out to one of the members.  Meetings are typically held once a month.  No pressure to join, feel free to join us any time.

Welcome to 2016!  Member donations tax statements and Annual dues statements will be eMailed out soon.

Lots of events are on the docket for the Spring and Summer.  More information will be sent out as dates and times get determined.

Letter to the editor - Eden Prairie News - Great job Charlie!

Eden Prairie’s lakes are neglected. It seems like it’s been the white elephant in our city for several years now. Living on Red Rock Lake we have seen our own little fishing hole wiped clean multiple times by failures in the aeration systems, suffocating a good majority of every fish larger than 10 inches, but that’s a story for a different time.

The long-term problem facing not only Red Rock, but also all of the lakes and creeks in Eden Prairie, including Staring, Mitchell, Bryant, Riley, Anderson, McCoy and Duck Lake is clear-cutting. Over the years we’ve all seen what increased phosphorus levels bring to our lakes and creeks. With fertilizer being drained into our lakes, it isn’t any wonder that they’re choked with algae and thick mats of weeds, the trick is that people seem unwilling to take small steps to make a big difference in what they contribute to their runoff.

For those who live on a lake or any water body, clear-cutting your property straight up to the shoreline – the most pleasing for those seeking a view – should always be avoided. Water running off your lawn will be unhindered in its flow to the water, along with all of the chemicals and sediments in it. Simple actions can be taken to make a big difference. Planting along your shoreline strategically to decrease erosion and runoff will help, as will using less fertilizer and encouraging your neighbors to do the same. Many people forget that their little pond or creek running through their backyard goes anywhere, but the truth is that a majority of the lakes in Eden Prairie are connected.

Everyone around the city can be taking small, simple steps toward healthier water and lakes in our community that will cause a ripple effect on the surrounding watersheds. It’s our responsibility to ensure that our progeny can enjoy the same benefits of Eden Prairies great lakes, creeks and rivers.

Charlie Regan, 17

Eden Prairie

Red Rock Fish Stocking

On May 9th, 200 small sunfish and 200 small bass were added to the fish polulation in Red Rock.  Thanks to all of our members that have contributed to the association.  FORRL will continue to work with the DNR, City of EP and the watershed to make sure the aeration system is operating properly.  Please practice catch and release fishing for a few years to give our fishery a chance to mature again.

This browser cannot play the embedded video file.

Herbicide Treatment - applied Wednesday May 29th

The RPBCWD has applied herbicide to about 13 acres of Red Rock.  They are targeting curly-leaf pondweed.  They recommend not using the water for watering for at least 7 days from the time of application.  If you are irrigating using lake water - make sure to turn off your system.  Go to the documents page to read the notice from the watershed  along with the treatment area diagram.  Thanks to the Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed for making this happen!

Thanks to all of the FORRL members that joined us and participated in the lake wide cleanup on Saturday, April 18th. The pile of stuff pulled from the lake is pretty impressive.  

The watershed district and City of Eden Prairie will be implementing both mechanical harvesting and herbicide treatments in Red Rock this year.  The plan is still being finalized, watch for more information.  As well as lake wide harvesting - lakeshore owners can also participate in private harvesting.  FORRL has decided to offer each private owner a $50 incentive to participate in private/lake shore harvesting.  More details to follow.

FORRL is working with the DNR to stock some additional fish in the lake.  The fish kill in 2014 was classified as a “total kill” and really wiped out the fish population.

Dock sections found - please check out the “Dock Sections” tab if you are missing a dock section or two.

The DNR has stated that Red Rock Lake had “winterkill” again for 2014.  Very few fish have been spotted in the water this Spring.  20 prespawn sunfish and bass have been stocked.  Likely cause of the winterkill was the late installation of the aerator.  The dissolved oxygen level was already below the acceptable “low” level when the city installed the aerator - January 29th.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 6.23.54 AM


Stay tuned to more updates and more ideas on how us as individuals can be more responsible lake shore owners - here’s a start:


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