Weed Harvesting

Midwest Weed Harvesting spent about a week on the lake again this year - 2013.  Updated numbers will be added soon.

Some statistics regarding the week harvesting done by Midwest Weed Harvesting on Red Rock this year.

  • Harvesting was done on 19.48 acres of the lake
  • Harvester worked for 56 hours 30 minutes
  • 40 loads of weeds were taken away
  • Totalling 268,000 pounds or 134 tons!

Additionally - 19 Individual home owners had there shoreline area cleared.  87,100 pounds of weeds were taken away by this process.  Most homeowners paid less than $200 for this service.

Thanks go to the FORRL Board and lake association members that made this happen!

Additional thanks go to the Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District and the city of Eden Prairie for allocating $25,000 towards this effort.

As of Monday May 21st - Midwest Weed Harvesting in busy at Red Rock!  Shoreline owners can contract Midwest to clear a 2500 square foot area around there dock or shoreline.  Interested - send them an eMail - info@midwestweedharvesting.com or call them at 763-238-1012.

Great news!  Our government partners will sponsor the mechanical harvesting of curlyleaf pondweed in 2012.  This will aid navigation and remove biomass that promotes future weed growth.  The Riley-Purgatory-Bluff Creek Watershed District has pledged $20,000 and the City of Eden Prairie $5,000 toward this effort.  A private contractor will perform this work in the middle of the lake, probably over several days in May or June.

In addition, private parties will be able to hire the contractor to cut a channel of up to 2500 square feet (25 feet wide x 100 feet long, or 17 feet wide x 150 feet long) to their dock or shore. Before the harvesting begins, members of FORRL will be emailed a form with which to inform the contractor of your desired channel location and the maximum amount of money you wish to pay.  Last year, members paid an average of around $200 for their channels.

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